Featured Events

'Escapism' Senior Art Exhibit 2021

Art Department students present poignant work they created amidst a global pandemic in this exhibition called "Escapism."

Bach Afternoon Organ Recital Series
Featuring the music of Bach, Buxtehude, Telemann and Pachelbel

Samuelson Chapel

Contagion! “The Black Death in the Late Middle Ages”
History Lecture Series

Lundring Events Center

Assistant professor of history Samuel Claussen, PhD, will address the bubonic plague and its impact on the late Middle Ages, from the 14th to the 16th centuries.

Faculty Recital
Eric Kinsley, piano

Samuelson Chapel

Featuring works by Pergolesi, Mondonville, Bach, Purcell, Del Aguila, Mallory, Kinsley and Tippet

Dean’s Lecture Series
Sister Norma Pimentel

Zoom PDT

Sister Norma Pimentel will share her experiences with the Humanitarian Respite Centers and immigration.

"America's International Civil War"
Don H. Doyle, PhD

Ullman Conference Center 100/101

Don H. Doyle, PhD, will discuss how the Civil War was viewed abroad as part of a much larger struggle for democracy that began with the American and French Revolutions and spanned the Atlantic Ocean.

Faculty Recital
Seraphour featuring Dana Rouse and Heidi Vass, voices

Samuelson Chapel

Seraphour, founded in 2020, presents its first live full-length concert and record launch, featuring Cal Lutheran faculty members Heidi Vass and Dana Rouse.

One County, One Book: "Your House Will Pay" by Steph Cha
Cal Lutheran Faculty Panel Discussion

Lundring Events Center

University faculty and staff members will discuss the themes of Steph Cha’s book Your House Will Pay

Faculty Recital
Hui Wu, piano

Samuelson Chapel

Piano faculty member Hui Wu will present an evening of classical music with violin faculty Keum Hwa Cha and guest artist clarinetist Margaret Thornhill.

Faculty Recital
Adan Fernandez, organ

Samuelson Chapel

University organist Adan Fernandez presents a program of Bach, Mendelssohn, Saint-Säens, Buxtehude and more.