Featured Events

30th Anniversary Celebration of the Sector

Zoom PST

The Center for Nonprofit Leadership celebrates its 30th anniversary of service to our region’s nonprofit sector and philanthropic community. Join us on Zoom for this special Celebration of the Sector to recognize 30 years investing in nonprofit leadership.

Artist Lecture: Carl Dobsky
Digression and Progression

Ullman Conference Center 100/101

The artist will discuss his career, his current body of work and how he comes to terms with the inevitable conflicts that arise between different artistic schools of thought.

The Crossroads of Asia: Afghanistan and its Imperial Encounters
FABulous Fall Lecture Series

Hybrid: Lundring Events Center & online via Zoom

This lecture will survey Afghan history with respect to its relations with various invaders from Alexander the Great to the British, Russians and Americans, and explore some of the reasons most were ultimately unsuccessful in establishing firm control.

In-Person Artists' Reception for The Otherworld

William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art

Join us and artists for a reception celebrating the exhibit The Otherworld, curated by Cal Lutheran University Visual Arts Department Professor Michael Pearce, PhD.

HIV/AIDS: Public Health & Personal Experiences
Ventura County's World AIDS Day Commemoration

Zoom PST

This Zoom webinar will include health education updates about World AIDS Day and the experiences of a community member living with HIV/AIDS.

Learn How To Be An Anti-Scammer
This Week at Hub101

Zoom PST

With cybercrime and scams on the rise, it's important to be informed on how to be proactive in keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.

COVID-19, Migration & Challenges to Women-Led Entrepreneurship in Mexico
CGE Global Perspectives Series

Zoom PST

Learn about the economic and social challenges faced by female entrepreneurial artisans of Oaxaca, Mexico. Insights from research and lived experience will be shared, including reflections on the impact of the pandemic and migration.

Christmas Festival Concerts

Samuelson Chapel

The Cal Lutheran Choral Ensembles and University String Symphony combine forces to present the annual Christmas Festival Concerts.

2021 Susan Greiser Price Arts and Learning Symposium
"Uncovering the Hidden Curriculum"

Zoom PST

Keynote speaker Libya Doman will help educators reflect upon the barriers that restrict access to arts learning and provide strategies for equitable arts integration.

Rembrandt in Amsterdam: The Biblical Art
FABulous Fall Lecture Series

Zoom PDT

Join this examination of the relationships that developed between Rembrandt and the Jews of Amsterdam, including the myths that have encircled the Jewish community’s prominence in his paintings.